Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things to Buy Before I Die

When I've become rich and wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, I'm going to get my Airheads-esque list of game-related things that I want.

For today, you get two :-)

#1. X-Men Arcade Cabinet
Oh hell yes.

Come on -- how can you honestly survive another day without this game? You get to hack, slash, and mutate your way through a game with six X-Men playing at the same time.

Not only do you get to use the usual crew, but you get the likes of Dazzler just to make sure that no one wants to get to the machine last.

Also, how could you forget a game with memorable lines such as these?
  • "I am Magneto, Master of Magnet!"

  • "Thank you X-Men! But Magneto is in another place."

  • "X-Chicken!"

  • "I have a tiny man"

  • "Kill you!"

  • "You are dead!"

  • " die!"

  • "Ballistic BARRAGE!"

  • "X-MUN! Nice Job. Magneto is other there! follow me!"

#2. The Zelda Games For The CD-i

Not only did Nintendo make the grave error of giving Philips the licensing rights to its characters (a result of the Sony/Nintendo fallout), but they were forced to sit idly and watch the horror of not one, but THREE awful Zelda games.

Sadly, I cannot say that I've had the *pleasure* of playing any of these games (Wand of Gamelon, Zelda's Adventure, Link: Faces of Evil), but damn it, I want the chance to have my face melt before I die.

Or die from my face melting.

I forget.

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