Thursday, February 8, 2007


For those of you that were hoping for a "best/worst games you've never played" list, you're out of luck. I would normally attribute this to laziness or being busy (not really applicable), but the truth is, there's only so many games out there that are worth your time. As it stands, there are three games that are consuming my time, thus making it hard for me to move on to newer fare:
#1. Phantasy Star Universe
This is a DEMO and it's still addictive as shit. I honestly hope that the demo ends soon, or I'm going to be in deep trouble.
#2. Halo 2
The winner, and still champion.
#3. Dethklok
Not really a game, but still, Metalocalypse has piqued my interest and then some. Brendan Small (of "Home Movies" fame) is a kick ass guitar player.

But, because this blog is for GAMES, I managed to pull a tie in.

Behold! My favorite Dethklok song, "Thunder Horse" as performed on Guitar Hero 2 (by someone that clearly has no life). Holy shit that guy is good.

And, just because the episode was good, here's the song in Dethklok context (don't worry, it doesn't ruin anything, although probably NSFW).

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