Friday, February 9, 2007

Was It A Slow News Day?

I know I don't update on Fridays, but this was just too good to pass up. I think Penny Arcade tore this to shreds better than I ever could, but I'm going to try.

Basically, this video was made to scare idiots. That's really all there is to it.

The video discusses how Pictochat on Nintendo DS can be used by STALKERS and EVIL PEOPLE to get information from your kids. It's like their lives are an OPEN BOOK, just waiting to be read by some EVIL SNEAKY RAPIST guy. My favorite line has to be that "It's this simple: you just click on pictochat when you turn it on, and now YOUR CHILD's DS can be connected to bny ANY DS IN THE WORLD."

Let's look at 5 quick things that are wrong about this news story, shall we?

#1. The kid needs to be IN pictochat to use pictochat. It's not like some random asshole can just come up and message you -- you have to be waiting for one, in your own chat room.
#2. Not only that, but who waits around in pictochat? You use a DS to play games! It doesn't notify you if a DS is in range, or if that DS is trying to send you a message.
#3. Also, if you ARE in pictochat, odds are it's because you are expecting someone that will be in the room (odds are, that person is less than 10 feet from you).
#5. What the hell child molester is going to walk around with his DS out, looking for people to pictochat with? I mean, come on!

Seriously though, how are you going to pry that information out oif the kid. The guy in the video built it up like all children were stupid enough to give out their information, and then quickly and quietly mentioned "but of course, we had already spoken, and I had told them to give me their information."

If anything, I bet child rapists go back and forth practicing their convincing DS tactics. In this example, they try and convince the child that they are, in fact, Mario, and that they will come out and eat them unless they get what the want.

Or more accurately, those were the only images I could find that didn't mention basketball.

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Anonymous said...

agreed, u could also mention how the media plays off children to be so stupid when in fact they are smarter than the adults.