Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Greatest Games You've Never Played (Pt 2) + More

I technically "owe" the world another post. Got caught up in interviews yesterday, and missed my midnight deadline. As such, I'll take what I was going to post, and I'll give you something for today, too!

First of all, here are some more games that you may not have heard of, but you need to try them.

#1. Comix Zone (1995, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Wii)

It's funny -- I was just remarking on how no one ever played this game, and then it showed up on the UK's Wii Virtual Console release schedule! For those of you that have never played this, give it a shot. You play as this guy named Sketch (who I think was modeled after a Gamepro contest winner, but I'm not sure) who gets sucked into his own comic book. Long story short, you side scroll, kicking the shit out of anyone/anything that dares come near you. What I like about it is the style. It really DOES feel like a comic book, and I think it was the first game (way before Killer 7 and XIII) to implement such a style. You can break panel barriers, tear of some paper to fold it into a paper airplane, and so on. It's really kind of creative. My one major (and I do mean major) gripe about this game is the fact that there are no lives. None. You die, and then you're on the path to the bad ending. That's a bad thing in a game that has a few bottomless pits. Still, for the likely $5 it'll cost on Wii, it's definitely worth it. Don't bother with the GBA release, though.

#2. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy (2005, PS2, XBOX, PC)

So here's another game you can still play today. A fantastic art style (scenes within scenes), great music (original classic music done right! wow!), and multidimensional story really make this game stand out in my mind. You play as Lucas, the main character, but you also play as Carla and Tyler, two police officers out to stop a criminal. The way you play determines how depressed (?) your characters are...which can apparently kill them. As you progress through the game, you change how the story will end...90% of the time, it's because you died, and then Lucas chimes in with, "and that's how my story ends," along with an explanation. I actually had a lot of laughs with my old roommate about that: the game deliberately tries to kill you sometimes. See that milk in the fridge? You can drink it. Go on. (Button is pressed). "And that's how my story ends...I drank the milk, and suffocated due to my lactose intolerance..." what?! Needless to say, the game gets creative with you. Also, it incorporates a lot of things from Shenmue (miss those Quick Timer events? They're baaaaaaaaack), which is probably the only un-original thing about this game. Just goes to show that you can still have some innovation in the modern world.
Bonus: Indigo Prophecy was recently added to the XBOX 360 backwards compatibility list!

#3. Lucky & Wild (Arcade, 1993)
Unfortunately, the odds of you getting to play this game are slim to nil. With the death of the arcade, in addition to the death of arcade games that don't let you gamble, Lucky and Wild was never ported to home systems due to its unique gun play.
Basically, it was a combination of an on-rails shooter...except that your partner controlled the rails.
With player one driving the car to avoid obstacles, and player two John Woo-ing the two guns, the gameplay was unique and remarkably fun for its time. Also, player one could shoot the gun and drive, allowing player two to make more accurate shots. It really was a neat idea. Throw in the classic 80's hair and a cartoony feel, and it really was fun.

Here's one more picture, just because I like this game so damned much:

That's better. Also, I promised the universe that I would give fair time to today's post too, so here goes:

I popped Greendog into the Sega Genesis again, just to see if I could find a good quality in the game. Something to enjoy...some reason not to hate it like I do.
Then I realized what it is -- Greendog represents everything wrong in the world today.
The fact that this game is terrible is only a cry against the things represented in this game. I know that sounds a little vague, so let me do a quick screenshot synopsis to help understand.

What's the first thing you see here? The man has no FACE. Look at the poor bastard! That man is a shirtless, faceless hobo that is forced to roam that jagged-rock island barefoot. That's just not right.

Also notice the can in the middle of the screen. That soft drink right there is your health. Also, you're supposed to eat as many hamburgers, hot dogs, donuts, and french fries as you possibly can to gain points. This teaches obesity in children! FOR SHAME.

Tie in the fact that he's clearly intruding on a rain forest (and the animals are letting him have it for it), and Greendog is really about pure unadulterated evil. He even wears bling! You know how much I hate bling, don't you!? I bet if he had a face, he'd have platinum teeth. Bet on it.

Notice also that Greendog possesses an old school alarm clock, and has seemingly sodomized that frog (which is now leaping in terror. Horny toad jokes unintended). I hate those alarm clocks -- they're really fucking loud.

Not pictured: Animals exploding after being hit with high-powered Frisbee blast.

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