Thursday, January 4, 2007

"It's In The Game"

Utah just put itself on the map again. Not because of the Mormons, or the olympics, but because of this.

Apparently, the Mahoney family had given their darling (and previously innocent) son a copy of Madden '07 for the holiday season. Unfortunately, upon putting the disc into his XBOX (I really wish it had been for the Wii so I could make some more lewd jokes), it turns out that the disc was rife with pornographic content.

After thanking his parents for buying the "Super Secret John Madden's Personal Collector's Edition" of Madden '07, the younger Mahoney's fantasies were ruined when his parents informed him that this was not the item that they had intended to purchase.

Worse still, there was no Madden on the disc -- just porn. So they took it away.

It's one thing to deprive a man of his football, but to take away his football and his porn? Well that's just the last straw!

Kidding aside, you've got to wonder how something like this could happen. The disc was a Madden '07 disc. It had the seal and everything. That means that the data contents were changed, and for how many discs? It's unknown. Also, those discs were shipped from the factory (in Cali somwhere), so where the rest of that shipment went is currently unknown.

Interestingly enough, the publicity of this story will determine what happens. If word of this gets around, EA may be forced to do a shelf recall. That would sting big in the wallets, especially since Madden is the heart and core of EA. However, if this story dies quietly (as I expect it will), look for a quick payoff/apology from EA, and some moron from LA getting fired from his job (although probably winning a bet that he had with the janitor).

All I have to say is, if you haven't opened your X-Mas Madden yet, you may get another present.

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