Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Real World

So, as you may have noticed from the written text at the bottom left corner of the blog (this is, of course, assuming that you can read. If you can, you've got a leg-up on a few people I know!), I'm trying to get a real job, here.
Ideally, a job in gaming, but I'll take any peripheral work I can get (that will push me towards my goal).

Here's the skinny so far:

#1. I established some great connections, including a designer from High-Voltage studios, and the recruiting agent for Electronic Arts Chicago.

#2. Applied for as many "shit-work" positions as I could, but unfortunately, Chicago doesn't really do beta-testing for some reason. Lots of programming, design, and marketing, but unfortunately for me, none of those are entry-level.

#3. Tried to take a side route by getting involved in game writing (hence this blog), and then making some more connections to move forward.

Here's what has happened in the last few weeks:

#1. Interviewed with WBBM/CBS radio (even the gamer guy has to pay the bills). I think it went well -- here's hoping.

#2. Applied to be a writer for HowThingsWork, an educational software group. Hey -- any software is good software, right? Haven't heard back from them yet :-(

#3. Just heard back from "another group involved in game writing" which is actually just getting started. We'll see how this turns out.

That's about it. Oh, and I'm going to push the "greatest games you've never played" segment to Wednesdays. It seemed like there was too much content in one small space. Besides -- now you can read inbetween the days!

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u forgot to mention ur application to jpmorgan chase